Commit 2a8993f3 authored by Renato Alves's avatar Renato Alves 🌱
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NOTES update

parent c62c270c
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ ENEMIES:
CRAB > keep
BAT > keep
SKELETON2 > squirel
SKELETON2 > squirrel
OGRE > scorpion
SNAKE > keep
SPECTRE > ?? cat
......@@ -49,11 +49,15 @@ ENEMIES:
To remove:
To replace:
TODO: link-to-replace-nyan-cat (url pointing to the upsilon nyan)
squirrel sprites and replace with skeleton2
scorpion sprites and replace with ogre
human, replace deathknight with something like "scientist" (but this ones needs to be animated.
Question on "Do you really wish to Borkxit?" when
Twitter link currently points to
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