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ENH Add Dockerfile and instructions to run the game with docker

closes #1
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FROM node:alpine
LABEL maintainer ""
RUN apk --no-cache add bash git python3
RUN mkdir -p /srv && \
git clone /srv/dataquest && \
cd /srv/dataquest && \
sed "s/Set production websocket host here/" client/config/config_build.json-dist > client/config/config_build.json && \
bash bin/ && \
npm install
ENTRYPOINT ["/srv/dataquest/"]
WORKDIR "/srv/dataquest"
......@@ -3,6 +3,16 @@ DataQuest derived from BrowserQuest [updated & modified to use Socket.IO]
![alt tag](
If you wish to give the game a quick try and have docker installed locally you can:
docker run -p 8000:8000 -p 9000:9000 unode/dataquest
and point your browser to [](
* Updated backend and frontend to use Socket.IO server and Client
......@@ -18,6 +28,9 @@ TODO
* Quest system and more awesome features
This is my take on Mozilla's amazing multiplayer open source game.
I've yet to find any other game that's so well done from graphics, implementation and features point of view (did I mention open source, multiplayer and browser based?).
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