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......@@ -13,23 +13,8 @@ If you wish to give the game a quick try and have docker installed locally you c
and point your browser to [](
* Updated backend and frontend to use Socket.IO server and Client
* Main changes were made to ws.js and gameclient.js.
* Updated dependencies such as requirejs and jQuery to their latest versions
* Fixed build script
* Created a mini-dispatcher on the server side that provides the IP and Port in the configs as the ones for the game server.
* Added a demo to
* A few minor edits to server side handling
* Quest system and more awesome features
This is my take on Mozilla's amazing multiplayer open source game.
......@@ -55,9 +40,8 @@ Run from a console:
Make sure you have NodeJS installed.
npm install
node server/js/main.js
npm install
node server/js/main.js
Then go inside the Client folder and open index.html.
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