Commit dfcbfa8c authored by Renato Alves's avatar Renato Alves 🌱
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Fix name of spectre

parent ef0de24b
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ var kinds = {
skeleton: [Types.Entities.SKELETON , "mob", "rat"],
goblin: [Types.Entities.GOBLIN, "mob", "bee"],
ogre: [Types.Entities.OGRE, "mob", "scorpion"],
spectre: [Types.Entities.SPECTRE, "mob", "spectre"],
spectre: [Types.Entities.SPECTRE, "mob", "spider"],
deathknight: [Types.Entities.DEATHKNIGHT, "mob", "human"],
crab: [Types.Entities.CRAB, "mob", "crab"],
snake: [Types.Entities.SNAKE, "mob", "snake"],
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