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......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ generic functions to parse/manipulate navigator/adoc files
- **nav_selection:** extracts a selection of navigator items into a new navigator, _Acquire_ can be chosen as a default flag, - input: list of items = optional list of item labels
- **navlabel_match:** identifies navigator items whose labels contain the given string
- **ordernav:** re-orders a navigator by its label. It considers the indexing after a delimiter in the string. Example: s01_cell-1,s02_cell-1,s01_cell-02, ... is sorted by cells instead of s. When no delimiter is given (''), the navigator is sorted by its label.
- **xmltonav:** parses a navigator file stored in XML-format - input: text list
- **xmltonav:** parses a navigator file stored in XML-format - input: text list, ouput navigator dictionary
- **write_navfile:** writes a new Navigator file from a list of item dictionaries - input:filename(str),list of nav dicts
functions to extract information from a navigator item
......@@ -95,4 +95,4 @@ accessory functions;
- **imcrop:** crops an image of a given size (2 element numpy array) around a pixel coordinate (2 element numpy array)
- **findfile** will find files that match a search string in subfolders of the provided search directory
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