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:contributions, issues:
**Important:** install fonts before editing SVGs.
This is a collection of handy stuff for making presentations, posters and figures.
Some of these stuff been made according to the EMBL style guidelines.
Some of these have been made according to the EMBL or RWTH Aachen University style guidelines.
See the `branding guidlines`_ and `style guide`_ for more details. (I don't think it is better to follow this style than any other, I am doing it just for fun.)
.. _`branding guidlines`:
.. _`style guide`:
.. _`branding guidlines (EMBL-EBI)`:
.. _`style guide (EMBL-EBI)`:
.. _`guidelines and templates (EMBL HD)`:
.. _`corporate design guidelines (RWTH Aachen)`:
What to find here?
......@@ -51,3 +55,8 @@ See also the `icon fonts`_ from EMBL. Please note that Helvetica Neue Linotype i
Adobe and licensed by EMBL. As an EMBL member you are free to use it.
.. _`icon fonts`:
Here you find some of my works as examples. These contain many vector outlines which are reusable elements for your own works. Please feel free to use. Just open an SVG in Inkscape and copy-paste the shapes. Also if you edit SVGs please first install the fonts because these are not embedded in these files.
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