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......@@ -14,4 +14,4 @@ To build the vignettes and make the demo data from our manuscript avaialable, pl
* Download and unpack the tar.gz archive, e.g. to /path/to
* Then download our data bundle (2GB, containing all 10x and LCM data) from
* Move the content of the data bundle to the data/ folder of the package, e.g. /path/to/rnamagnet_dir/data
* Then, run `devtools::install_local("/path/to/rnamagnet_dir")` or `devtools::install_local("/path/to/rnamagnet_dir", buil_vignettes=T)`
* Then, run `devtools::install_local("/path/to/rnamagnet_dir")` or `devtools::install_local("/path/to/rnamagnet_dir", build_vignettes=T)`
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