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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • beginner
    Issues that are beginner friendly i.e. are expected to be easy to solve
  • bug
    Flag an issue as a bug to be fixed. Bugs should always enter the current milestone (== iteration) or potentially be hot-fixed
  • tells that the issue contains some documentation related taks
  • draft
    indicates an issue in a draft state ie an idea...that needs further work
  • epic
    Basically, an epic is one big piece of product functionality. Usually, it is too big to be completed in one sprint and should be split up into smaller bodies of work.
  • feature
    tells that the issue represent a feature idea or a user feature request. Such issues may be turned into story.
  • hot-fix
    flags an issue that needs immediate resolution and "hot fix" on the production
  • represents an issue describing how an existing feature could be improved.
  • the issue is mentioned in a MR and will be closed once MR is accepted
  • minor
    flags an issue representing a minor amount of work i.e. this is not a priority weight
  • issue needs review
  • onboarding
    Onboarding new users
  • ongoing
    Issue that are currently worked on
  • flags issues with high priority
  • Low priority feature/fix
  • reviewed
    the issue is ready for development/fix
  • security
    Anything related to security/permissions
  • the issue relates to the STOCKS assay section
  • issue relates to the biomaterial section in STOCKS.