EMBL GitLab Server

The EMBL Git server offers all EMBL staff members a convenient way to store, control and publish the source code of their projects. It uses gitlab, which offers commandline and web access to the stored data.

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  • read our list of Frequently Asked Questions

  • git is meant predominantly for handling source code and text files, not for storing large files such as images, etc. Please make sure your repository size stays below 2GB!

  • Login is provided using EMBL LDAP authentication, external users need to be registered first by an EMBL user. For this, send an email to git@embl.de with the external user's name, affiliation, and email address. External users can not create their own repositories

  • Some hints about the visibility levels of your projects:

    Public: visible for everyone - google will find it
    Internal: only EMBL users will be able to see it
    Private: for project member eyes only

The following rules apply:

  • Repositories on the EMBL Git server are only granted to EMBL members
  • External users can be added as cooperators on a project, but the projects themselves have to be lead by someone with an active EMBL contract
  • Should the project leader leave EMBL, then the project has to be transferred to someone else or the complete repository will be removed


  • Please contact git@embl.de if you have questions regarding this service

Administration and Maintenance:


EMBL GitLab Server

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