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Small fix in the Changelog

parent dbc8213e
......@@ -66,9 +66,11 @@ Change log
Version 1.7 (2020-05-14)
- Multiple small fixes, thanks to Guandong Shang and Jiang Kan for reporting them:
- The TF name may now contain underscores. Before, that caused an error and is fixed now. We also cleared up the documentation about this.
- TFs with zero TFBS overlapping with the peaks (and therefore, overlap files with 0 lines) do not cause an error anymore and are skipped in subsequent steps, in analogy to TFs that had between 1 and 10 TFBS.
- Fixed a bug that caused an error when running the last ``summaryFinal`` step that related to duplicated TFs in the HOCOMOCO table.
- Implemented a debug mode via the new optional parameter ``debugMode``. This mode may be used to store the R session in a file and can be used to send to us for easier troubleshooting. See the documentation for more details.
Version 1.6 (2020-01-22)
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